My name is Devon. I am a non binary, fluid, pansexual demiboy, and I seek to erase those who would erase me. I also identify as lactose intolerant.

This is an inclusive blog and safe space; which means that TERFs, TWERFs, SWERFs, MERFs, BWERFs, smurfs, transphobes, homophobes, whorephobes, bigots, racists, fascists, sexists, ableists, transableists, transmisogynists, transhumanists, conservatives, religion promoters, vagina fetishists, menstruation promoters, white supremacists, white nationalists, white feminists, white lightning, cis privilege deniers, non equalists, kink shamers, body shamers, slut shamers, non-cisheteronormative shamers and havers of opinions I don’t like, WILL NOT BE WELCOME HERE.