It’s High Time The Walking Dead Got Woke


Tomorrow night the long awaited second half of Season 7 of The Walking Dead comes back to our screens. And I for one cannot wait. However, let us not forget that TWD is a problematic show in many ways.

For example there is its habit of killing off black guys the moment another black character joins the cast (I mean c’mon, did Bob, Tyreese and Noah have to die so Morgan could come back?), the way the plots have become repetitive, the way they no longer bother with detailed character development, and instead manipulate our emotions by subjecting us to escalating violence and sadism which has driven down ratings as even the loyalist fans can stomach no more. Don’t get me started on Glenn’s fake death back in Season 6.

But, the real elephant in the room here, is WHERE are all the trans people?

Oh I know TWD has made some tokenistic gestures by including poc and a few LGBT characters, and having strong female characters like Carol, Andrea, Michonne, Maggie etc, But really TWD, isn’t it time to be a bit more inclusive and introduce some trans and non binary characters?

I mean, just think of the potential! All those medical supply runs could involve an urgent search for lupron and estrogen? In what ways would cis privilege come into play during a zombie attack? How could tensions within Alexandria over shared facilities be resolved? What if it turned out Carol was a TERF, would she have to leave her community and strike out alone, again? Imagine the dramatic tension when Negan gets called out for misgendering someone and is requested to self crit? Such plot lines could inject some new energy into the show and raise awareness of the kinds of issues that would be faced by trans and non binary people in a post apocalyptic wasteland.

So come on AMC, it’s high time you folks got with the program and stopped being so damned exclusive.




6 thoughts on “It’s High Time The Walking Dead Got Woke

  1. Crystal Landi

    This entire article has to be a joke right? Don’t give AMC any stupid ideas, the show is woke enough already. Not so much that it ruins the show, but they’re getting pretty damn close. It’s bad enough that they’re getting rid of fan favorite characters that are still alive in the source material, and many of the ones still standing Are characters that a lot of people don’t Like or really care about. Any more wokeness would be the final nail in the coffin for the show. So tired of this BS


  2. Anonymous

    This was satire right? Trans and nonbinary are western world problems. No one scavenging for food and water while avoiding zombies has time to worry about which gender they are that day.


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