The Working Class Movement Library Is Literally Trying To Kill Me


Like most members of the Woke Community, I am aware of the impending talk being given by mass murder advocate and arch TERF, Julie Bindel, at a venue named the Working Class Movement Library, in a place in England called Salford. Now until recently I had never heard of the Working Class Movement Library, or Salford for that matter, and I still have only a vague idea of what this Library’s purpose is. I know libraries are for storing books that you can’t buy and have to give back and that they tell you off for using highlighter pens (even pink ones), but that is not the issue here.

Now that I know Julie Bindel is going to be speaking at this library on the 4th of February as part of TQBGL History Month, the very existence of this building is causing me fear, pain and trauma. And this travesty must be stopped. Already, brave transactivists have tried in vain to educate this organization into cancelling the event, where the demonic trans oppressor Bindel will surely attempt to erase our trans and non binary siblings by talking about ‘Growing up as lesbian and working class in Northern England’, yet the library has had the temerity not to immediately send Bindel packing and offer a grovelling apology. This is an act of aggression, and the Working Class Moving Library must not be allowed to get away with it. If shown leniency, others may follow.

Oh, I know some cis privileged collaborators will point out that Bindel’s talk will not be addressing trans issues, but that isn’t the point. Bindel has already committed acts of word violence against our fragile community, she continues to incite suicide and murder via the fascist hate rag which is The Guardian newspaper, and until such time as Bindel fully recants her transphobic hate speech, she should not be permitted to speak publicly, about anything.

There are cis apologists who might make reference to ‘free speech’, and who dare to question the ethics of trying cut off the WCML’s funding and damage its reputation by our trans brethren and their allies leaving 1 star reviews on WCML’s Facebook page, and bullying pressuring its public benefactors to withdraw their support. To this I say, HOW ELSE are we to defend ourselves against oppression? By peaceful protest? By engaging with Bindel’s toxic lies and rationally disproving them? When was the last time peaceful protest, or reasoned debate achieved anything?

No, Bindel has offended the trans and non binary community, and she has offended ME. Ever since I became aware of Bindel being invited to talk at a venue I’ve never heard of, about subjects I know nothing about, I have been distraught. I have been bursting into tears several times a day, and unable to do anything except look at funny cat videos on YouTube. And I am by no means the only one, two days ago a young student in Ohio learned that Julie Bindel would be speaking in public during TQBGL history month, and xe spontaneously combusted!

For all our sakes, the Working Class Movement Library must be shut down and punished for their defiance to our will! Only by driving them, and all other venues that give a platform to transphobes into bankruptcy and destitution can we protect our transiblings from the harmful opinions which encourage bad things to happen.

Because that, is what inclusivity is all about.


4 thoughts on “The Working Class Movement Library Is Literally Trying To Kill Me

  1. The author is obviously off their head and needs to seek medical attention as soon as possible. I mean what do you get off writing lies about Julie Bindel? Then you try and shut down the Working Class Movement Library. Shame on you!


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