25 Ways To Spot a Secret TERF

witches_624Now, most of us know what a trans exclusionary radical feminist, aka TERF looks like. We’ve seen them celebrating the death of yet another trans teen, or preventing essential medical care for transpersons, or simply trying to stop them from going to the toilet. BUT, not every TERF is so open about their hateful murdering bigotry. There are those who fly under the radar, who hide in plain sight… who walk among us.

Are YOU harbouring a secret TERF? Perhaps you work with one. Perhaps one is your friend, or perhaps you even have one participating in your intersectional feminist discussion forum. It is essentially that these closet TERFs are rooted out. For until they are exposed and ostracised for their oppressive opinions, it will not be possible to educate them to the rightful path of intersectionality.

To help us in our efforts, here is a list of telltale signs to look out for when seeking a secret TERF:

  1. Does she like to make distinctions between sex and gender, suggesting one is biological while the other is a social construct? Does she talk about chromosomes or biology like they’re important?

  2. Is she still referring to transwomen as transwomen instead of just ‘women’, or referring to ciswomen simply as ‘women’ or even more suspiciously, ‘womyn’?

  3. Does she go a bit quiet when Fallon Fox comes up in conversation?

  4. Does she opine that intersectionality has more to do with race and class than gender identity?

  1. Does she hesitate to applaud the stylishness and glamour of Caitlyn Jenner’s latest outfit?

  1. Does she ask for citations over statistics regarding the violence and suicide involving transpeople, or suggest that intersectional factors like race, class or sexuality might be relevant?

  1. Does she ask for citations?

  1. Does she read material written by second wave feminists? Did she decline to burn her copy of The Female Eunuch when requested?

  1. Does she associate with known TERFs who have been already been sniffed out and ejected from your social circles? Has she refrained from blocking them immediately on social media or joining in letter writing campaigns to get them fired or expelled?

  1. Has she hesitated to agree that a child under eighteen should be given gender confirmation surgery?

  1. Has she ever suggested that a child below the age of ten should not be given gender confirmation surgery?

  1. Does she have a large pentacle incorporating a picture of Janice Raymond upon any of the walls in her home?

  2. Does she or does she not follow Danielle Muscato on Twitter? Has she ever neglected to retweet her?

  1. Does she regard the porn industry and prostitution fundamentally exploitive and fostering the objectification of women? SWERFs tend to have TERFish sympathies. Drop the words ‘Nordic Model’ into conversation and see where she goes with it.

  2. Has she ever begun a statement with the words ‘Of course transpeople should be protected from violence and discrimination with regards to employment, healthcare and housing, but…’

  1. Has being in her presence caused any nursing men to experience difficulties with chestfeeding?

  1. Have any of the pre operative, male presenting, non dysphoric women in your social circle experienced erectile dysfunction after speaking with the potential TERF?

  1. Does she appear uncomfortable about changing clothes alongside a transperson? If so, next time look carefully to see if she has any large moles about her body, these may in fact be ‘teats’, from which TERFs are known to suckle one another as they reinforce their cisprivilege.

  2. Has she yet to vocally affirm that there can be no greater oppression than that suffered by a closeted trans lesbian, trapped in the body of a wealthy, white male industrialist?

  1. How many pets does she have? If she has cats, are they black, does she talk to them? If she has more exotic pets, like a goat or a bat or a squirrel then there’s a good chance she’s a TERF, especially if they appear to converse with her. Be especially vigilant for her pets suckling at her TERF teat, that’s a total giveaway.

  1. Look in her fridge, have either the milk, cheese or butter spoiled before their expiration date? Has she visited your home only for you to discover the milk had spoiled afterwards? (This test doesn’t work so well with vegan TERFs).

  1. Does she live in a house made of gingerbread? This might not be apparent, it may be necessary to gnaw at one of the door frames.

  1. Place a box of organic eggs next to her and see if any of them hatch.

  1. Listen carefully to her speech patterns and her voice, does she emit a low buzzing noise similar to a bee or a wasp?

  1. Hide some coins in a flower pot and hide it in her front garden, check back in thirteen days to see if the coins have turned into pebbles, or seashells.

Once certain, don’t be afraid to accuse her publicly. If she doesn’t recant, and refuses to accept leniency in exchange for informing on her fellow terfbians, paint the words ‘DIE CIS SCUM’ upon her front door in red paint, then form a group to follow her everywhere she goes chanting TERF! TERF! TERF!, ideally large bells should be rung as you do so, especially at her place of employment or education.

These individuals must be stopped, because their poisonous thoughts are what lead directly to the murders of transpeople. That’s right, if left unchecked, their wicked exclusionary thoughts will cause cis men (though notΒ all men) to attack transgender individuals.

They stand in the way of life saving boob jobs, they misgender unborn children, and perpetuate harmful myths about transpeople not being the most oppressed minority throughout the history of humanity.

Worst of all, they prioritize the needs of ciswomen, thereby distorting the true meaning of feminism. Do not suffer a TERF to live.

Or tweet.

37 thoughts on “25 Ways To Spot a Secret TERF

  1. OMG I LOL’d and snorted several times.

    “Have any of the pre operative, male presenting, non dysphoric women in your social circle experienced erectile dysfunction after speaking with the potential TERF?”


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  3. sagenelunsjbar

    Excellent! My own mother believes in the old fashioned, laughable “biological” two genders & intersex model. The horror! Anywhere in particular I should report her to, or should I just chant TERF!TERF!TERF! loudly during sunday dinner? Please advise. πŸ˜€

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  4. donesoverydone

    “Does she appear uncomfortable about changing clothes alongside a transperson? If so, next time look carefully to see if she has any large moles about her body, these may in fact be β€˜teats’, from which TERFs are known to suckle one another as they reinforce their cisprivilege.” LOLOLOLOL.

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  6. Sorry, but I think this does more harm than good to radfems. It also has to wasted considerable amounts of my time, twice now, because much of it starts out exactly like the trans crap we see. Seriously, I think this just harms radfems. I like humor, but this isn’t that.

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  7. I’m referring not just to this post, but this blog. I hope yum will reconsider and take it down. We don’t need to be giving trans and their handmaiden s anything more that could be used against us


      1. lovetruthcourage

        Yes, you are entitled to your views, and I am equally entitled to mine. I did not dismiss your views as a humorless feminist stereotype; I believe that demanding the removal of this post plays into that stereotype. (You did write, “I hope yum will reconsider and take it down.”) Reading comprehension is a thing. Wow.

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  8. My reading comprehension is just fine, and your comments absolutely feel dismissive, with an incredibly anti-feminist trope. There should be no place for such comments and dismissals amongst feminists. We both have a right to our opinions. Don’t trash mine with sexism.


    1. Sure, you have a right to your opinions, but you also had the bloody cheek to tell us to take down our blog because you don’t like it. You can’t expect not to get push back for that, and you can’t dictate the terms in which other people respond to you. We greatly appreciate lovetruthcourage defending this blog, and as long as there are people who enjoy reading it it shall be staying up, thank you very much.

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    2. lovetruthcourage

      What anti-feminist trope? I have probably been a proud feminist (real, 2nd-wave feminist, not a fun-fem, lib-fem, 3rd-wave, faux-feminist) since before you were even alive! How is my defense of this blog post an “antifeminist trope”? Or is that just the go-to line you toss out whenever anyone dares to have a different opinion than yours? Please cut-and-paste the “trope.” Oh, that’s right, you can’t. You can only take a shot in the dark.

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    3. I’m a feminist. None of this insults me. In fact it hearkens back to some of the ridiculous criteria lists witch-hunters used to use to catch “witches” and burn them. So you get a feminist history lesson too, which it sounds like you sorely need. You have the right to hold an opinion but you do not have the right to beat other people about the head and shoulders with it in personal spaces. This post and comments are over a year old and I’m still compelled to respond to you. That’s how out of line you were.

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  9. Anonymous

    Caitlynn Jenner is a not a trans heroine! Chelsea Manning is the real hero. it sickens me that we hold Jenner up on a pedestal and ignore everything Chelsea Manning has gone through.


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